John McCain has the highest disapproval and lowest approval rates of any Senator in the entire country, at 30% Approval  & 55% Disapproval !!! (not surprisingly John is followed by his protege Jeff Flake).


Senator McCain is despised because he has lied to & betrayed Arizona constituents and American taxpaying citizens for decades.


The list of betrayals is long and distinguished, so much so that John McCain was censured by the AZ GOP on two different occassions in January 2014 alone!


McCain is a liberal in all but title, who attacks true conservatives while voting with Democrats to support their “progressive” policies and radical appointees such as Loretta Lynch.  John is a Republican In Name Only (RINO).


John McCain is a poster child for term limits, who must NOT be allowed to buy another term with contributions from liberal out-of-state billionaires.  He belongs in a nursing home, rather than meeting with ISIL terrorists and carving out special deals for multinational corporations at the expense of American taxpayers.


It’s long past time to put John McCain on the unemployment line where he belongs.


Fire McCain!!!

Elect Kelli Ward!!!